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The main aim of the Tourist Information Magazine – TIM for short – is to be both an ensign as well as a harbour for all those that take an active interest in the outdoors, architecture, culture, history, sight-seeing and movement.

It is for these people that TIM is an excellent source of tips for days out, it presents new walks, offers interesting routes, be they by bike, ski or hiking, it has beautiful photos of little-known monuments and gives some of the interesting legends surrounding these sites.

Neither should those that are not too bothered about travelling (i.e. physical movement) be in two minds about reading TIM, as there are plenty of interesting features on the Czech countryside, towns and cultural monuments that are worth reading on their own.

Every issue offers a host of attractive entertainment programmes and events from many towns and institutions.

The range of themes that TIM deals with is truly broad. This is due to our close cooperation with tourist information centres throughout the Czech Republic as well as with a number of tourist organisations and cultural monuments.

Thanks to our continually improving the magazine, thanks to its focus and the amount of basic information, which is also published in English, TIM is now distributed to tourist information centres, the front doors of a growing number of subscribers and even a great many secondary schools. A number of town and other councils have also shown interest.

Understandably this requires a sufficient print run, which is currently at 20 000 copies a month. Considering the fact that at the information centres TIM is for free then it is no wonder that every month it is snapped up.

Of course our main aim is to satisfy your notions of what works and to supply the information centres with an ever-greater number of copies. And that’s not all. We welcome all suggestions, ideas, comments, words of encouragement and even criticism.

Nor do we shy away from direct cooperation, so if you have some interesting and good quality photos of little-known locations, interesting recipes handed down from generation to generation or anything that could improve TIM then don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or post.

You can do the same if you are interested in a subscription. No matter how you contact us we would be only too glad to help you take out a subscription. Just under two hundred crowns for a year, 199 CZK, is not too much to pay for the comfort of having TIM turning up on your doorstep every month.

Likewise we are regular exhibitors at the tourist trade fairs. You can meet us in person there and we would be only too glad to chat with you, listen to your views and draw inspiration.

After all we print the magazine for you


The editorial team at TIM