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We would like to continue bringing you TIM in the form that you know and love, and maybe even improve it. Currently TIM is available throughout the republic and we have found that there is enormous interest in it. In many distribution centres it has become a rule that it is regularly “sold out”, meaning demand outstrips supply.

So that the information centres that distribute TIM have enough issues for everyone they only give them out individually upon request.Presently 20 000 copies of TIM are published monthly. That is a lot for such a narrowly focussed magazine, but not enough for all our customers. Despite this we, the editorial team, try and make sure it is even in the more remote areas, where we hope to find new readers.

So, since the New Year, we have had to change the rules of our distribution. In practice this means that we are limiting the number of our magazines to those places that have not displayed any interest in cooperating with us. The copies that we will “save” will be sent to those places that welcome them and to places that do not yet know about the magazine. We are a free magazine, but we must cover the costs of printing, distribution and processing the information.In the future we would like to both improve the magazine’s content and raise its print run. So it is important for both you and us to set aside those localities that, for one reason or another, cannot cooperate with us (their own presentation) by investing at least the bare minimum in finances.

For those of you that are finding it difficult to get hold of TIM or are worried that in the future you will lose regular contact with us we have introduced a subscription service. This will ensure that every subscriber receives a magazine delivered to his or her door, all for the very reasonable price of 291 CZK/year. So as you don’t have to try and work out how much we are making on this the fact that the postage comes to 20 czk per issue may come in handy. It is clear that the amount paid for the subscription is just enough to cover the distribution costs. So it’s up to you.




Thank you for your interest so far and we look forward to being an inspiration for you.

Yours truly

The editorial team